Thursday, 24 January 2013

Vishwaroopam USA Update.

Vishwaroopam well in advance of all physical and digital prints Vishwaroopam Tamil and Telugu versions were sent to all parts. Versions of the premier shows in all parts of the plan appears today, Jan 24 tests. Shows the positions of the most 8pm local times. Many of them have already started, including the Premier of activities related to the Web site to check for tickets online.

There are special exhibitions as well as with Kamal Haasan on Jan 25th Big Cinemas Fri, Fremont and Pacific Comms sinimak, Fremont, CA for the project will be.

FREMONT Big Cinemas Jan 25 at night, at 8 o'clock show sold out within 2 hours. After the beginning of the booking, regardless of the special ticket price. Due to the unexpectedly high demand for additional show at 8:15 pm has been added. Big Cinemas and Pacific Comms sinimak at 9pm at the shows (8pm and 8:15 pm), Mr. Kamal Haasan and the team's performance in two!


The film begins in America. They can be trained in Kathak Viswanath (Kamal Haasan), girls around and one of them is Andrea Jeremiah. The Dr. Nirupama (Pooja Kumar) on the role of a suspicion that her hubby and killed al-Qaeda group, a detective, hired. Al-Qaeda planted a nuclear bomb in New York, it was well aware of the project and Kamal Hassan. How He Omar (Rahul Bose), a relationship that is headed by the militant group, where he is the past. Terrorist organization, their mission successfully Kamal's role He is a terrorist, or a secret agent? This I know, you should see the movie. The film's story begins on a slow note but that is gripping. U.S. shot in the first half, and keeps you engaged and enthusiasm are produced. When it comes to the second part of this article is to get the parts of interest dragging but gets Kamal Haasan's past is revealed.

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