Monday, 21 January 2013

Silver Linings Playbook movie

"Best Picture Oscar nomination" including a 7 - Read my local TV stations over the promos. Sold me say from the beginning of the marketing campaign. I've seen the trailer for the first of September, in the back, I was really intrigued. David O Russell's creative and it's a great plot elements (Fighter), under the leadership upset. During the game, one of my favorite actors of today's performance. She also established and popular actress Jennifer Lawrence will become the object clearly. First, love the "street end of the house", a good showing in her hand, and I also love horror, but her turn in last year's smash Katniss Everdeen in "Hunger Games" hits later, X-Men, "her beloved class". She explores promising career. Bradley Cooper is now also a "hangover" from his comic turn in the series (due this summer, III), such as the very well-known. Plus he was my personal favorite show, became the Neil Burger's "Limitless" true great film. Lawrence and Cooper, they need to take care of all the awards. A place that is a true talent behind the camera. The screenplay by David O Russell on the scene and really clever came with some intensity. The film was a hit out of the park.

Story:   Patrick (Cooper), an ego I mean to put it bluntly - Manic is statistical. The image of him (he was murdered by a man about his wife cheating on him) in a mental institution for the exits in anger management. Tiffany is now widowed and helpless Patrick Maxwell (Lawrence) is a dancer as she meets wants to do all the success. Patrick, his "wife" (she has a restraining order against him) is in love with. Tiffany also help to understand the dance competition, to make things right again and go any way. O 'Russell wrote the screenplay here, really touching and moving, honest and amazing. I'm certain that Sean O 'Russell, the only direction to go from seeing exactly once in awhile. Acting: Laurence like (4.5 / 5), Bradley Cooper and a truly dramatic turn in the film, you'll probably rarely identifies them. I'm really attracted to. I had the wrong script for this film, this film is terrible, the direction is given, it must be so happy I came. Chris Tucker and Robert De Niro, along with some great supporting work from Jacki Add weever. He concludes that it is not in this movie. So i want a movie (Rush Hour 3) from the age of seeing him. It's also great to see him on stage. Directed by: - ​​Yes, I have been telling my full review. David O 'Russell was a film scholar, nough said.

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