Saturday, 19 January 2013


Gangster Squad, a trigger happy the police and the mobsters of the 1949 general release of a troubled journey in the flick is set. In a crowded movie theater scene of the film shooting in Colorado last July, the Aurora Film ucak otaku dragging to temporarily cut them.
Now New town, Connecticut, the recent murder of children in their schools 20 school anxiety Shadow unfurls. It works in real life without hearing echoes of the fire it's easy to rattle to listen to the concernstrickier.

In addition, the film has other means to destroy humanity's problematic pieces. In the opening scene a group owner, Mickey Cohen (Sean Penn), two vehicles traveling in the opposite direction, torn, rather than by what is called for is an opponent, then the hungry wolves (the film makes one wonder, what atrocity level 15 Rate eaten) by a 18-CERT court case strategies , Cohen is taking over Los Angeles He had in his pocket with the police and the judges, and an elegant young red head on his arm (Emma Stone) was dangling.

But he was Sergeant John O'Mara (Josh Brolin), a mystery set in Chief Parker (Nick Nolte), is recruited by his jaw strong square values ​​such as a person called a World War II was an important determination is not counted as a secret incorruptible "Gangster Squad" will hit up Hard Cohen's criminal activities.

Despite the potential of fiber a glittering cast, and a plot, Ruben Fleischer's relentlessly violent film that manages to visually sumptuous and easily forgettable. Despite the best efforts of actors in almost every character a cliché and they are from a book of villainy and honor moth  eaten phrases to speak  I was not part of the police campaign of revenge killings and reckless mayhem-making but with only defensive happiness.

Tone of the comic book a difficult combination of style and the original brutality. Period of time sufficient for a mob movie pastiche of the original plot it is an attempt to longingly back to 1990, Miller's Crossing the focus of the Coen brothers.

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