Friday, 18 January 2013


To sessions with John Hawkes's performance, first class, praised the awards from the Sundance last year when one of the crueller interceptions, the Academy's best actor shortlist, it does not. It can be any of the five nominated as the least good he has a stable person, the late poet Mark O The charisma and enthusiasm about the role and life fills him with a kind of rasping. His work is really beautiful, and the most brutal of omission Oscar cup to tea.
At least Helen Hunt Cherry Cohen - Green and arguably a career-best form, was forced, sex surrogate Mark hires help lose his virginity.
From childhood polio afflicted with a broken body - his breath for more than four hours without fall keep his iron lung - fall hopelessly in love with Mark, one of his carers to be promoted to the next sexual therapy. His mentor and confidant (an amusingly open-minded William H Macy), so that the strangeness of the dresses that women were eroded and there, which are not mutually exclusive sexual relationship.

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