Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Midnight's Children Movie

The test, the screen adaptation of Salman Rushdie's novel Midnight's Children: August 15, 1947, around midnight, it was decades before and after the partition of India, storms, political allegory, and characters, and combining it with elements of magic realism with a crowded cast.
Chitra produced by talented Indian film in Deepa Mehta (Water) takes up the challenge, and the first half of the story is said to be sensitive. The title refers to the Division at the stroke of midnight, on or after the birth of children, one of whom, Saleem Sinai (Satya Bhabha) - the illegitimate son of a poor mother, and a rich Englishman - a secret, Shiva (Siddharth), the son of a wealthy Indian couple at birth has changed.
Saleem was raised, and his knowledge of the meaning of a surrogate father, always, he has a special power to call each of them realizes that the presences of other children born at the same time.
And the action plays hopscotch with the time and place - a theory about the role of the state and of the float as low Asked magic realist element thick.

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