Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Yevadu release date 2013

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Racha', Nayak' next film, such as film hero growing ramcaran next eavadu trailer for the film was released. Srutihasan, Amy Jackson dilraju Sri Venkateswara Creations banner film, the film was produced and directed by Vamsi paidipalli. 'YEAVADU' after the film was released the first look teaser that best dilraju said - srutihasan, Amy Jackson, the film's first poster ramcharan Combination film released today, is already 90 percent complete, said takipart. Devisri Prasad's music was excellent, the audio was released on May 9, ceyanunnamani, said it planned to release the film on June 14.

Colorful every scene in the film, natinatulandarito beautiful, and that, Allu Arjun, Kajal Agarwal alarincanunnarani that audience. Total Technician will receive film reception, mega fans of the film, and even commercial arrangements alarincadaniki siddhavautunna naccela to the audience. Chitra Director Vamsi paidipalli said - 90 percent of the talkie purticesukunna It's just a first look of the film were the only, the Main look would be released on May 9, in the case of audio, the release said. Film actors, technicians, all done with the same idea that slow the film, it is said to be planning to bring for audiance. Jayasudha, sayikumar, Kota Srinivasa, rahuldev, Ajay, L.B. SREERAM, suprit, venenala film starring Kishore and others Music: devisriprasad, story: Vamsi paidipalli, vakkantam Vamsi, Dialogues: abburi Ravi, Editing: martand K. Venkatesh, Producer : King, Screenplay, Direction: Vamsi paidipalli.

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