Monday, 25 March 2013

Ponds Femina Miss India contest (Earth) 2013 winner telugu girl

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Ponds Femina Miss India contest (Earth) was crowned as the sobhita Guntur district, was born on June 15, 1992 in tenali. Father venugopalaravu marine engineer. Mother Santa kamaksi teacher. Currently in HR College in Mumbai, Commerce and Economics' graduation in the sobhita .. Vishakha Valley School emisilo reached in 2007.

It went vacationing in Thailand .. Miss India to win as I do. Her parents moved to Mumbai for the purpose sobhita Vishakha. Prior to the events of January .. Sobhita nominated Miss Bangalore. Earlier ya great Ray Femina 'Miss Adventure' in 2012, Mya Fax Femina 'Miss Fashion Icon' in competitions tresim Femina 'Miss Stylish Hair -2013', as nominated.

Her goal was rare:

Sobhita adventurer. Clear ideas, the goal of the girl. Inter all engineering, medicine am tunte .. She 'Miss India' to pettukum the target. As well as the studies were not neglected. The best of our rkulu one. She want marinniunnata peaks of the ascent.

- Sharada Reddy, Vishakha Valley School Principal

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