Thursday, 14 March 2013

Priyamani Chandi (2013) release date priyamani stills

 Priyamani Chandi (2013) release date priyamani stills

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  Telugu actress Priyamani  upcoming movie is Chandi(2013).Priyamani plays the character of a chief minister in this movie.It was priyamani's talent besides luck for poting her into that role.Samudra is the director of the movie .Chandi's story runs behid politics that is usually seen in colleges . priyamani loses his brother who was in politics.So priyamani wants to take revenge for his brother's death,hence there by she steps into poltics.Chandi(2013) had it's launch with priyamani last month Feb 2013.The movie will be a suspense thriller.Movie's official release date is yet to confirm but sources say that it would be on October 2013 .Priyamani's latest stills has been released 

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