Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Premadasu' launch T. Rajendar's ' Movie

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You know what is in your mind. I do not know what is in my mind. The Lord knows what is in anyone's mind. Nakundi that God's grace. The success of that film, he will fall in love''. Rajender said, Cut. Shot OK, 'said the director, V V Vinayak. This  film Directed by Rajender hero pretends 'Premadasu' Chitra muhurtapu sanivesam.

Senior producer D. Ramanaidu Studios on Monday shot this scene. Dasari Narayana klapniccaru darsakaratna camera while Ramanaidu switched. Directed by Vinayak honor. Rajender himself by simbu Cine Arts banner. Released in 1984, he created the 'premasagaram' film adindani For over a year, now the 'Premadasa' name, you can expect to promote the belief that film adaristarane Rajender said. Totally love this picture of the background by Rajahmundry, ARAKU, Vizag, Hyderabad.

Good subject, good artists T. Rajender composing songs for this film, he viññana, all the cool actor eviyas said. Naginidu, venumadhav, Anant, Dhanraj, Chintu, Tirupati Prakash, sumansetti, Dinesh, language, Chandra, nebulae, srisita, Victoria, Jayalalitha, Telangana Shakuntala, Jyothi casting co-wrote the film: Bose gogineni, photography: Salai sahadevan, story, screenplay , words, songs, camera monitoring, construction, directed by: T.. Rajender.

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