Friday, 21 December 2012

Pitch Perfect.

Collegiate a cap pella singing competitions, you really want to practice the musical comedy Pitch Perfect is depicted in the face - not a hope that the advent of a blood sport. It is, in fact, be - Chitra Broadway versed director, Jason Moore and know of a better position, perhaps at the age of 12 are nominated by the actress Anna kendrik for Tony. 

Their film (2000) about his extreme position on this is given here about the same singa thons: There is no life affords think this is very crucial.

Of all the kendrik Becka, she joined a group of women into the strong arms and championships permanent bridesmaids to help reverse their status, hopes to have all a bit dull, except for the newly joined alt-chickMuso that, is Screenplay by Kay Cannon, 30 Rock a regular writer and deprive many "contradictory" Template of the same brand to offer - the death of the idea of ​​an Asian girl who is only audible, the power of the mantra-spouting, Princess, and speaking mainly notable for a room-mate,She is also Asia's.

The film is entertaining, but I do not seem to warm section. Without accompaniment songs, which jokes without any attraction or liking for characters. Its frustrating as Amy calls her fat plays a self-parody, Tasmanian, Rebel Wilson, went to be a more attractive kendrik, Beyond, for her super timing and incredible willingness to see the world.

With its token pretense of valuing jattu krsini Glee success, has opened the door to this kind of fizzy talent show in the picture, but it might help if we see in humans.

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